Life After a Writers Retreat—Part VI: Stay Connected

Part of what I enjoyed so much about my studies at Pembroke College in Cambridge, England, was the sense that my fellow classmates were holed up in their dorm rooms or at the library or at a café or pub nearby or at the Orchard … all writing. There was an atmosphere of community even in isolation.

Maintain that camaraderie by staying connected with your fellow retreaters even after you’ve returned home:

  • Collect contact information, especially email addresses, and add them to your address book, whether on your phone, in your email, or in an, uh, address book.
  • Join Facebook. Not only will you be able to add a whole slew of new friends, but you’ll be able to track their continuing progress, and they yours.
  • Exchange pictures via email, Facebook, or Flickr.
  • Organize a group get-together shortly after your return. In fact, set the date and get commitments while you’re still together at the retreat.
  • Make a lunch or dinner date with fellow retreaters in your area.
  • Share your work completed during the retreat and ask your peers to share theirs. This should not be for critique, however, but for enjoyment only.
  • Form a writers group. Meet regularly in person or online. This creates a continuing support network, sets deadlines, and provides feedback on your project going forward.

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