Wednesday Writing Exercise: E.L. Doctorow Exercise

While going through some old workshop materials, I discovered this fill-in-the-blank character-development and scene-building writing exercise. It was attributed to E.L. Doctorow in my notes, but I haven’t been able to verify its original source.

The last few nights, he had a recurring dream or nightmare about ____________.

His mother always warned him that ____________.

The one thing he couldn’t say was ____________.

As for God, ____________.

Five years from now, he’ll be ____________.

Something seemed different. ____________.

Outside it was ____________ing.

If someone said, “Make a wish,” he would wish for ____________.

Suddenly, he remembered he had forgotten to ____________.

The smell of ____________ brought back ____________.

He was trying not to think about ____________.

He suspected ____________.

This time last year, he was doing ____________.

People were probably saying ____________.


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One response to “Wednesday Writing Exercise: E.L. Doctorow Exercise

  1. Kat

    That’s a really cool exercise! Thanks for sharing.

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