Wednesday Writing Exercise: Mom?

Southern California Review contributor Laurie Stone used this clip from the New Yorker as a prompt for her students, but she, too, ended up writing a piece based on the scenario that we published in SCR.

A filler item in the New Yorker (February 27, 2006), taken from the Milford Mass. Country Gazette and titled “Constabulary Notes from All Over”: “A Maple Street man called police on Saturday, December 18, about 4:30 p.m. to report that an unknown woman was sleeping in his bed, according to police. After checking his bed again, he told police he believed it was his mother, then stated he wasn’t sure. Police went to the house where the man finally definitively identified the woman as his mother.

For Laurie’s resulting short story—here comes the shameless self-promotion—buy a copy of SCR.


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