Wednesday Writing Exercise: Group Highlights

I recently joined a new writing group that’s different from any other in which I’ve participated. Rather than sharing their work for critique, these writers gather once a week to, well, write.

This is how it works: each member—as few as three, as many as twelve—comes prepared with a prompt. After some warm-up meditation/relaxation, someone offers a prompt, and we write for ten minutes or so. Then we go around the table and share what we’ve written. You may pass if you want, and there’s no critique. We write on three or four prompts, one of which might be a list.

I discovered this group at just the right time. I had just finished my thesis and was unsure as to what to do next—dive right into revision, or start something new? In the meantime, this model was perfect for generating material.

Mots Justes is planning a series of posts on writers groups—the benefits, the different types, the rules—but for now I thought I’d share highlights from last week’s meeting:

  • Think about one of your characters. Now, title your piece using his or her name and the word interrupted—i.e., “[Character Name], Interrupted”
  • “My soul routinely leaves my body.”
  • “I would strike the sun if it insulted me.” –Ahab, Moby-Dick
  • Imagine a coat. Imagine the coat’s pocket. Imagine what is inside the coat’s pocket. (We did this one as a list.)

Share your writing prompts here, and MJ will assemble them into a future post.

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3 responses to “Wednesday Writing Exercise: Group Highlights

  1. Great idea for a writing group! The one I am in is more of a workshop group and we do start every meeting with a writing prompt, but I love this idea! On a side note, your website is fantastic! Thanks for all the great information!

  2. Hey, thanks for linking to my post. I love this site and I’ll certainly be back.


    George Angus

  3. motsjustes

    Thanks, Joanna and George, for stopping by! Take care, -mj

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