Wednesday Writing Exercise: Idea Generators

I just realized that I haven’t posted a legitimate blog entry in almost a month. The reasons for this are multiple: I stepped in for a friend at his work when his grandmother died. Southern California Review, on which I continue to advise, has been in production and, I’m very happy to report, is finally at the printer. A client patiently awaits edits on her manuscript.

Meanwhile, my efforts to get connected and stay informed for Mots Justes continue to prove a time suck, taking me away from my primary responsibilities to the blog. Twitter, it turns out, has a bit of a learning curve, at least when it comes to time management. Already I’m employing new tools—FutureTweets, for example—to gain back some of the time I’ve lost to the Twitterverse. Also, “Caught in the ’Net” will no longer appear at the bottom of MJ—look instead for writing- and editing-related links in my Twitter feed.

So, although my problem as of late hasn’t been what to write about but finding time to write, here are a few idea generators for the moment when it arrives:

Meanwhile, I look forward to my writing group tonight. It’s a long drive to the Valley, but it’s worth it to find the time and space to write.


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