Wednesday Writing Exercise: Twitter Prompts

Fiction is thriving on Twitter, the micro-blogging site that broadcasts what you’re doing, thinking, reading, looking at, and writing 140 characters at a time. In the few weeks I’ve been tweeting, I’ve encountered fiction writers who are using the social networking utility to write short shorts that are just 140 characters long; novels, line by line; and collaborative projects built sentence by sentence from suggestions by followers.

An exploration of Twitter fiction may be the subject of a future post—suggest relevant follows now—but today the focus is on two twitterers who tweet daily writing prompts:

  • @storyprompt by Nick Oakden offers scenarios that often seem like something out of a science-fiction movie. Recent tweets include “Invention: t-shirt + LEDs + link-up to brain, displaying your current mood on your chest, summed up in a single word” and “Revealed: offshore wind farms for blowing, not for being blown. The British Isles are sailing away. But to where? And who’s doing this?”
  • @writingprompt also offers brief story starters, some—much like Janet Fitch’s go-to exercise—just one word long. Recent tweets include “i fired my guardian angel” and “engine.”

Did you use these writing exercises to come up with something good? Share in the comments section below. And if you’re following another twitterer who provides writing prompts, let us know.


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One response to “Wednesday Writing Exercise: Twitter Prompts

  1. adenpenn

    Thank you for plugging @writingprompt. I really like the idea that I might be helping some writers get the words out.

    There is also a website called Quill Pill that allows people to write stories 140 characters at a time. Here is what the format looks like:

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