Wednesday Writing Exercise: Random Prompt Generators

For the past ten weeks, I’ve been taking a class in grant writing, a very grownup form of writing in which thousands, if not millions, of dollars are at stake. Yet one of my teacher’s “keys” to success is to revert to a childlike state, that period of discovery when we dropped spoons from highchairs not to be bratty but to figure out how gravity worked.

Sometimes we creative writers, too, need to be reminded to be playful. These three random prompt generators were developed to get kids’ creative juices flowing, but they can be fun for adults to use as well as warmup writing exercises or the start of a new story.

The first generator produces an adjective, a noun, and a verb or phrase. When I clicked the buttons for these three parts of speech, here’s the prompt I got:

the “squeaky” “cell phone” that went “to the beach”

The second generator chooses three objects at random. Here’s the combination that I got:

“a bathroom rug, a taxi, and a pair of earphones”

Finally, the third generator provides six elements for a plot:

The Protagonist: “an old inventor”

The Antagonist: “a magical object”

The Setting: “a graveyard”

Goal: “to find a lost relative”

An Important Event: “a masquerade ball”

An Important Object: “a polished stone”

Now it’s your turn: try out these random prompt generators and let me know in the comments section below what prompts were randomly generated for you.


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