mot juste (mō-‘zhuest) n. pl. mots justes (mō-‘zhuest) French. the exactly right word or phrasing

Between blogs and email, MySpace and text messages, more writing is taking place than ever before. Amid this glut of words, how do you make sure readers seek out yours? By finding the right ones.

Welcome to Mots Justes, where the mission is to “find the right words.”

In the pursuit of the effective communication and recording of ideas, Mots Justes explores writing- and editing-related topics including (but not limited to) the following:

  • composition mechanics: grammar and punctuation
  • structure and style
  • the creative process
  • writing and editing resources
  • the larger writing and editing world

About the Author

Annlee Ellingson has worked for more than a decade as a professional writer and editor. She spent the majority of her career in various editorial positions (including “Editor”) at Boxoffice Magazine, a trade publication for the movie theater industry. (There, the unwritten in-house style guide used the British variation—”theatRE”—which demonstrates just how malleable language can be.)

While in graduate school, she oversaw the launch of Southern California Review, the literary journal published by the Master of Professional Writing (MPW) Program at the University of Southern California (USC). Subsequently she was asked by one of the Review‘s contributors—a professional playwright—to edit and format a collection of his one-act plays for publication. She also has served as a writing consultant at USC’s Writing Center and is currently working as the contributing editor at Moving Pictures Magazine.

Annlee has a BA in film studies from the University of Minnesota and an MPW from USC.

She also blogs at LAcation.


Mots Justes can be reached at findtherightwords[at]gmail[dot]com.




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